BP 12

After watching the TED Talk on mindfulness I realized how I do not incorporate time to “just do nothing”. Even the first time watching the video I was eating and semi-listening to my son explain a Pokemon’s power. Needless to say, I had to watch the video again. This time more focused and alone. After internalizing the lack of self-care I take for my mind; I took the next ten minutes and tried to meditate. I found this hard to do since this is not something in my everyday practice. However, I can understand the need and have the motivation to include this into my everyday life. This would be a simple task to complete between driving from one client’s home to the others, right before bed etc.

Wow, what a success in completing the first semester of grad school! I am beyond impressed with myself and my abilities. This class has helped me understand a lot and put some personal challenges (in work and personal life) into perspective. Two main things I will be taking with me from this class will be the entirety of information over the ageing population. This is a population I have not had a chance to work with, let alone take the time to acknowledge. The information provided over this population will allow me to not only assist any client at any age, by either explaining what is possibly going on in their own family or what is going on to themselves, but also allow me to be more patient with my own family. The second main thing I will take with me if the holistic approach that is needed for this profession. By assessing the biology and environment of each person allows for a different approach and perspective that the individuals deserve and need.

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