As I have forgotten about my blog post the last couple of weeks I have not made any changes. One change that I need to commit to complete is purchasing the template that I am wanting to use. I do believe this website can assist me in the future within my career.

As Broderick and Blewitt (2015) have reported, the capacity to adapt to stress is critical to survival. If we continue to have problematic situations or stressors in our life, our mental and physical health are effected. Such as not getting enough sleep due to taking care of sick child while balancing employment.

While working with populations that struggle with copying skills or those who have roles that require a lot of attention it is important for them to understand that they need to take care of themselves. As a social workers I would start by restating how their physical and mental health is being effected by what they are reporting is going on in their environment. I would continue to explain to them the correlation between stress and their mental and physical health along with how decision making/ setting boundaries/ etc. can be effected. Then, I would assist them with creating a self care plan to practice everyday or when needed to reduce stress.

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